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Fruit pulp 

We have a pulp obtained from very high quality fruits, which arises from the disintegration and sieving of the edible fraction of fresh, healthy, ripe and clean fruit. We handle two presentations, one ideal for consumption at home, ideal for sales in supermarkets and large stores, and another more suitable for industrial use in the creation of processed foods; we also offer the fruit in cut or chopped presentation.

Due to the transparency of the packaging, it will be easy for consumers to check the quality of the content, this will lead to customers being much safer and more calm when buying the packed pulp.

Pulpa de fruta


Snacks are a very useful option to eat between meals and when time is limited. The intake of these foods will help keep the stomach in constant operation, the habit of eating small bites between meals is healthy for our body, a snack nourishes us intelligently and calms our appetite healthily.


Rice Bread Threads

The baked rice bread donuts have a very novel flavor. They are crunchy donuts, golden in color, with zero trans fat, gluten free, and do not contain preservatives or artificial colors. Rice Bread is a product that has been traditionally made for decades in the Department of Meta in Colombia, the perfect formula was obtained to achieve a result with an exquisite flavor and unmatched crunchiness. We offer three presentations, Natural, integral, with Spicy (Jalapeño) in a 60 gr package.

Plantain Toast 

Snack de patacones o tostones a base de trozos aplanados fritos de plátano verde.

Green or sweet plantain coins 

Green or sweet plantain snack, its presentation is in the form of a coin. We handle two flavors, sweet and salty.



They are disposable single-use diapers, they are made up of several layers of cellulose and / or polyester and / or sodium polyacrylate (super absorbent polymer), which absorb liquids, and a waterproof, polyethylene outer fabric that retains fluid and leaves pass the steam. They have side elastics that adapt to the babies' legs and velcro (or adhesive) closures at the waist. 


Advantages of disposable diapers 

This type of diaper is ideal for the baby's skin since it is made with an absorbent fabric, and inside it contains a special gel layer that retains moisture, keeping the baby's tail dry, thus avoiding redness in the area. diaper or diaper rash.

  • It is much more practical than cloth diapers. 

  • They are very absorbent so it is not necessary to change it as often. 

  • They are very comfortable to go anywhere with the baby, especially when traveling. 

  • They are always aseptic.


Band - aids

Cure Band is a vendor brand produced by Adhesivos Internacionales SA, ADHINTER, a Colombian company founded in 1996. It belongs to the Tecnoquímicas group, ADHINTER is one of the most important manufacturers in the band-aid business with its Cure Band brand and that leadership is complemented with a complete line of plasters and porous patches; recognized for their quality compete successfully in Latin America. We handle two lines, institutional and commercial.


Institutional Line

  • Round Cures

  • Silk Surgical Tape

  • Fabric Surgical Tape

  • Skin Color Microporous Surgical Tape

  • White Microporous Surgical Tape

  • Transparent Surgical Tape

  • Fixo Safety Surgical Tape

Commercial Line

  • Band-aids Line

  • Premium Adult Line

  • Premium Kids Line

  • Surgical Tape

  • White microporous

  • Surgical Tape

  • Microporous Skin Color

  • Fabric Surgical Tape

  • Silk Surgical Tape

  • Transparent Surgical Tape


Ophthalmic drug line

The entire line of contact lenses, solutions for glasses and ophthalmic drugs from Wasser Chemical


Nasal Medications

  • Wasserfrin 0.025%

  • Wasserfrin 0.05%

  • Wassercrom 4%

Soft Contact Lens Solutions

  • Hydro Solution

  • Multi Solution 1

  • Multi Solution Plus

  • Hydro Tab

  • Total Comfort

  • Multi Solution Oxi

Ophthalmic drugs

  • ​Wassercrom

  • Timolol

  • Tobramycin

  • Wasservolt

  • Wassertrol

  • chloramphenicol

  • Tobramisone

  • Total Comfort

  • Wasser Cipro

  • Wasserclear

  • Wasserket


Lentes de contacto

  • ​Latin Look

  • Medisoft PR-2 Toric

  • Medisoft Choice

    Medisoft PR-2 (scheduled replacement)


  • Medisoft XT 55% (Conventional)


  • Wassertrol Unguent

  • wassermycin 0.3%

Glasses cleaning

  • ​Reflect Free

Solutions for gas permeable contact lenses

  • ​Multi 20/20

  • Hydro Tab

  • Total Comfort

  • Opti COMFORT

  • Wasser Fresh

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