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About us

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Global Business Group


We are a Latin American company for the commercialization and distribution of native Colombian products, we seek to expand commercial relations with the world. SQR was founded in the city of Cali (Colombia) on August 11, 2008, we have offices in New York (USA) and in Cali (Colombia).

Among the main products we sell are Jeans, accessories for modern women, food, snacks and personal care products.

We are facilitators of foreign trade operations, we stand out for acting with respect, recognizing the right of the counterpart, aware that this value is the most important when establishing business relationships.


Geographical advantage of 


Colombia is the only country in South America that has a coastline in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, which generates an advantage when it comes to connecting with the rest of the countries of America and Europe. It has a strategic location that has allowed the existence of a great variety of climates and ecosystems, this has led to the development of different economic activities, mainly agriculture.

The country has the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the connection with the rest of the world, it has the capacity to export through the Atlantic and Pacific coast, the climatic conditions of the country also favor the conservation of many perishable products.

Colombia is also very close to the Panama Canal, which makes the country a fixed stopover among the main airlines of the continent, that is, in addition to being a maritime convergence point, it is an air convergence point, which facilitates the trade.


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We act with respect, recognizing the right of the counterpart, aware that this value is the foundation for the construction of commercial relationships. 



We act with integrity, ethics and honesty, fostering clear trust in all relationships with our clients, we work within the framework of the law, respecting the norms and rules of each country where we arrive. 

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We seek to perfect our processes day by day, through continuous improvement to achieve effectiveness, efficiency and productivity, thus achieving excellence for the benefit and satisfaction of our staff and customers.



We are aware of the importance of complying with what has been agreed, in the times and under the agreed conditions.

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